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    Fiery sauces born in cracker country in JB's kitchen.  This cracker likes it so much, he eats most of it himself.  So, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle, enjoy it, you may never get another one.  This started out as a hobby because JB liked hot sauce so much, he had about 40 bottles in Mama's kitchen.  Well this got to be a hassle with Mama, and JB just couldn't figure out which one he liked the best, so he decided to make his own.  He started out with a simple sauce using carrots, garlic and onions, and of course various hot  peppers starting with habeneros.  After much testing he finally got the recipe right.  Most of the sauces are not scorchers, but they are several levels above what you buy in your grocery store.  JB now makes Yowsa, a carrot based sauce, Caribbean Treat, a mango based sauce, and Salsa Pomodora Caldi, a tomato based sauce. He likes the Yowsa best, but all his friends love the CaribbeanTreat.  So now Mama's happy, only one or two bottles of JB's own in the kitchen.  Gotta keep Mama happy or nobody's happy....

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